• Chinese Optics Letters
  • Vol. 22, Issue 6, (2024)
Lei Junyao, Chen Hui, Yuan Yuan, Sun Yunong, Liu Jianbin, Zheng Huaibin, He Yuchen
Author Affiliations
  • Xi''''an Jiaotong University
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    Imaging objects hidden behind turbid media is of great scientific importance and practical value, which has been drawn a lot of attentions recently. However, most of the scattering imaging methods rely on the narrow linewidth of light, limiting their application. A mixture of the scattering light from various spectra blurs the detected speckle pattern, bringing difficulty in phase retrieval. Image reconstruction becomes much worse for dynamic objects due to short exposure times. We here investigate non-invasively recovering images of dynamic objects under white-light irradiation with Multi-frame OTF Retrieval Engine (MORE). By exploiting redundant information from multiple measurements, MORE recovers the phases of the optical-transfer-function (OTF) instead of recovering a single image of an object. Furthermore, we introduce the number of non-zero pixel (NNP) into MORE, which brings improvement on recovered images. An experimental proof is performed for dynamic object at a frame rate of 20Hz under white-light irradiation of more than 400nm bandwidth.
    Manuscript Accepted: Mar. 7, 2024
    Posted: Apr. 2, 2024