Volume: 12 Issue 2
4 Article(s)

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Relativistic Laser Plasma Interaction (RLPI) Diagnostics and Instrumentation 2022
miniSCIDOM: a scintillator-based tomograph for volumetric dose reconstruction of single laser-driven proton bunches
A. Corvino, M. Reimold, E. Beyreuther, F.-E. Brack, F. Kroll, J. Pawelke, J. D. Schilz, M. Schneider, U. Schramm, M. E. P. Umlandt, K. Zeil, T. Ziegler, and J. Metzkes-Ng
High Power Laser Science and Engineering
  • Publication Date: Jan. 23, 2024
  • Vol. 12, Issue 2, 02000e17 (2024)
Research Articles
Mismatch analysis of all-fiber coherent beam combiners based on the self-imaging effect
Yuefang Yan, Yu Liu, Haoyu Zhang, Yuwei Li, Chao Guo, Qiang Shu, Wenhui Huang, Feng Jing, and Rumao Tao
High Power Laser Science and Engineering
  • Publication Date: Nov. 21, 2023
  • Vol. 12, Issue 2, 02000e13 (2024)
High-repetition-rate and high-power efficient picosecond thin-disk regenerative amplifier
Sizhi Xu, Yubo Gao, Xing Liu, Yewang Chen, Deqin Ouyang, Junqing Zhao, Minqiu Liu, Xu Wu, Chunyu Guo, Cangtao Zhou, Qitao Lue, and Shuangchen Ruan
We present an effective approach to realize a highly efficient, high-power and chirped pulse amplification-free ultrafast ytterbium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet thin-disk regenerative amplifier pumped by a zero-phonon line 969 nm laser diode. The amplifier delivers an output power exceeding 154 W at a pulse repetition
High Power Laser Science and Engineering
  • Publication Date: Dec. 15, 2023
  • Vol. 12, Issue 2, 02000e14 (2024)
Exploring fs-laser irradiation damage subthreshold behavior of dielectric mirrors via electrical measurements
Petrisor Gabriel Bleotu, Radu Udrea, Alice Dumitru, Olivier Uteza, Maria-Diana Mihai, Dan Gh Matei, Daniel Ursescu, Stefan Irimiciuc, and Valentin Craciun
With ultrafast laser systems reaching presently 10 PW peak power or operating at high repetition rates, research towards ensuring the long-term, trouble-free performance of all laser-exposed optical components is critical. Our work is focused on providing insight into the optical material behavior at fluences below the
High Power Laser Science and Engineering
  • Publication Date: Dec. 14, 2023
  • Vol. 12, Issue 2, 02000e15 (2024)